Grade 4 History Lesson 55

Four Inventions

 Four inventions the wine press, ribbed vaults, universities, and the chimney. The wine press is very complicated to make. If you think about It you need the proper tools, machines, and experience. You would also have to grow your own grapes . The Ribbed vaults are very complex for back then and it is a beautiful site it is very amazing. They were built by brothers William and Robert Vertue at Canterbury Cathedral and in St Faith’s Chapel in Westminster Abbey 1500’s. The Chimney is a very good idea and it makes people warm and stay alive in the winter and not freeze to death. In ancient Rome there were universities but the people with more money payed for one on one teaching. When Rome fell people did not have the money to pay for the one on one teaching and also not many people had the skill to do it.


Grade 4 English Lesson 55

What Makes A Good Friend

I think a good friend should be nice to you and always help you if you get hurt instead of not helping you. They should also not be rude to you. They should treat you how you treat them. I treat my friends nicely and I am not be mean to them. A good friend is hard to find because everyone is always on a device and they say bad things, swear, talk about inappropriate things, and are rude. So, I only have one true friend, his name is Samuel. He does not swear and he is not a bad friend, he is the best friend I have had in years. He is not on a device all the time. He has a big family; one brother, three sisters, mom and dad. His family is nice too. That is my best friend and what I think a friend is and what a friend should not be.


Grade 4 Lesson 50

Islamic scholars

Islamic scholars, such as Al -Kindi, Dr. Razi, Algebra, and Al-Hazen. Al-kindi is known for deciphering the frequency. Dr. Razi is known for his amazing surgery and medical training. Algebra is known for Khwarizmi. Al-Hazen was known for his theory about optical vision. That is what they are known for and it is interesting what they thought and what they did and how it made an effect on the world today I like Dr. Razi for helping people and being so intelligent and was very trained. I also like Al-Hazen for his theory about optical vision he was smart, but his theory was not right because he thought if you look at a doughnut for an example from above you will see the hole and if you look at the sides you will also see the hole. Al-kindi because he deciphered frequency, he was extremely smart. Algebra discovered how to do Khwarizmi that is what they were known for and what I think of them.


Grade 4 English Lesson 45

                  If A Lion Was In My House

If a lion walked into my house my mom and younger sister would scream. My older sister would think it was cool but she would also want to get out of the house. My dad would get his gun and call people to come and get rid of it. I would go with my older sister out of the house and videotape the lion. I would also help my mom and younger sister get out of the house. I would then go to my dad and get my pet bunny ,Sunday. That is what I would do if a lion came to my house.


Grade 4 History lesson 45


Rome had the best ways to make glass but when Rome fell other people did not have the ingredients to make the glass that Rome did. They tried many things and at first they made glass that was ugly and also made stain glass windows to teach people about the Bible.The stain glass windows were also always found in churches. Rome did make very nice glass and other people did not at first but then later on they did. It took a long time to make it perfect but they did not give up, they kept on trying and they succeeded and finally made glass that we still use today. That is what happened with glass and we will still use it today.


Grade 4 History lesson 40


My favorite invention is paper because one of the things I do in my free time is draw, if paper did not exist then I could not draw. If not for paper we would not have anything else that you use paper for, like books. Paper looks simple but it is not it takes many different processes to make it. It is extremely hard and you can not make it at home. It would be too dangerous to make it at home and also you can not have all the materials, machines and it would be too great a cost. It is made in a factory and then sold out to the public.That is why I like paper and how useful it is. It is not simple that is why I like it.


Grade 4 History Lesson 35

Small Inventions

Small inventions have a great effect on the world, like paper for an example if we did not make paper then we would not have any books. If we did not make computers we could not have made the Ron Paul curriculum or Google. So many small inventions have benefited or lives. If not for the gear we would not have cars or clocks. Had it not been for glass it would be harder to drink water and other liquids. Small inventions are very fascinating. If we did not have them, we would be more primitive and less intelligent. It is good that we do have them we use them every day and they are useful.


Grade 4 English Lesson 35

If I could be president

If I could change anything in the world it would be for me to be president of the United States.

I would give money to the ones who need it the most, build more shelters and do everything I said I would do like president Trump.

I would also make things cheaper and make sure no one is starving. I would not take advantage of being president. I would make my country a safe place to live and take good care of those I love and the rest of the people. I would make the country not have war unless it is very necessary. I would ban all drugs and junk food to make people healthy and smart and that is what I would do if I were president.


Grade 4 History Lesson 30

The compass

In Europe and in China they both had the compass. The Europeans wanted to go and discover new land and find new civilization, but the Chinese wanted to make their country more developed. The compass is very useful for traveling and knowing where you are going in all four directions; East, South North, and West. The Europeans went out to sea and did discover land and civilization. The Chinese did not go out to sea and did not discover anything until later on and then discovered land in 1421. The compass is an extremely amazing invention and if it did not exist then the world would be completely different. I am very thankful of the compass existing.


Grade 4 History Lesson 25

Simple machines

There are many simple machines and I will list three of them; pulley, wedge, and the screw. A pulley is very useful for lowering things and lifting things especially when the rope is thicker.

The wedge is good for getting under things, if you have a bigger wedge then you can lift bigger things.

The screw is good for making things stay together for a very long time.

I like simple machines a lot, but I do not realize how amazing they are until I stop and think about it.

Simple machines are something we take for granted and we should not. That is what I think of simple machines.



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